Vienna, the birth place of the Julius Meinl company, has historically been a rich breeding ground for creativity as well as inspiration and remains to do so until today. Simply put Vienna is a place of poetry and inspiration.

City of Inspiration

The undisputed cultural metropolis shares both traditional and contemporary aspects: from the New Years Concert to the Vienna Festival, from Schönbrunn to the Viennese Museum Quarter, from the State Opera to Impulstanz. From the traditional "Heurigen" to the Viennese Coffeehouse – a venue for lyricists, literatists, artists and everyday poets just like every single one of us.

Enter this fascinating world of comfort, ideas and warmth. Sit down in your so-to-say second living room, enjoy a freshly brewed cup of Julius Meinl coffee and let wonderful ideas fill your head. Read your favourite book for hours as if time did not matter – yes, this is all possible in the four walls of a Viennese Coffeehouse. Julius Meinl coffee is the perfect source of inspiration, for one sip of our coffee gives your thoughts the freedom to flow.

Julius Meinl Coffee & Poetry

Poetry is an intellectual emotion such as creating, day dreaming, crafting, imagining or simply just having conversations – you alone decide what poetry is for you. Coffee is, on the other hand, a physical emotion that gives you energy and stimulates or inspires your brain. Together poetry and coffee create an ideal pair – for famous as well as everyday poets of this world.

Julius Meinl coffee provides creative individuals and those who have an appetite for creative and poetic living with pure inspiration and stimulation. Julius Meinl inspires and transforms everyday routine into joyful moments full of poetry. 

Julius Meinl inspires you – and being inspired, you inspire others.

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