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Julius Meinl for your Business




Julius Meinl is Europe's premier coffee brand, and has been roasting and distributing the highest quality coffee and tea for over 150 years.

For 12 years, Meinl has been hand-choosing partners to showcase our luxury products in the USA, focusing entirely on Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes. We would like to invite you to explore our products and services to see if Julius Meinl is the right fit for your business.


A Full Service Provider

For five generations, Julius Meinl has provided business solutions for every aspect of coffee and tea service. With the highest quality beans, precision brewing equipment, and hand-crafted cups, Meinl can take care of your customers through every phase of the serving process. Whether you're a Hotel, Cafe, or Restaurant, we have solutions to fit your needs.


Coffee & Tea 

For 150 years, we have been perfecting our craft of sourcing and roasting the finest quality coffee and tea in the world. From whole bean and loose leaf, to single-serve and individual brew, our products are sure to meet your business needs



Julius Meinl partners with manufacturers globally to provide the best coffee equipment possible. Our consultants will meet with you and discuss an equipment plan for your specific coffee program. Our technicians and baristas calibrate each machine specially for you, to ensure the perfect coffee and tea for your customers.



Our coffee professionals have decades of experience consulting with the highest caliber of businesses. From our roaster to your customers, delivery, training, and business professionals from Meinl will ensure personal and professional service at every stage


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4115 N Ravenswood Ave

Chicago, IL 60613


Our Distribution network serves customers all over the United States. Contact us on the form below to reach one of our main offices!



1441 SW 31st Ave

Pompano Beach, FL



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